CEO Coaches and Consultants Who Struggle to Get Consistent High Intent Clients. Our Mission is to Change that.
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Intelligent, Next Level CEO's & Coaches Who Want More High Intent Clients {FREE Class}

Create & Sell High Value Five-Six (5-6) Figure+ Services & Masterminds

How You Can Create Magnetic AF Work With Amazing Results

CEO’s that Get Consistent Clients & Results are drawn to programs that have UNPRECEDENTED Outcomes.

“If you are drawn to work that inspires others, the goal of your business will be to articulate a message that only a GREAT  Consultant, Coach, Teacher or Guide can create based on your Energy and Spirit. The SALE is a direct response of the Energy your prospects FEEL when they ready to hear & embody your work. They work with you so that they can EXPAND themselves and most of all, they desire your help in creating a Body of Work that others want.
My role is to help you CREATE & SELL that body of work and show you how YOU can get unprecedented RESULTS and with your magnetism and MY strategy. That you will borrow until you can make your OWN.”  Cat. xo

Unforgettable Micro-Workshops

Captivate your audience with new affordable Micro-Offers. You’ll eliminate freebie seekers and finally get PAYING clients. No more chasing leads – this system will pull out the buyers. You can use this minicourse to TEST new ideas, learn more about what your clients need next and, get new leads into your business, daily.

MM 12 Month Mastermind

MM Mastermind is for women & men who want the foundations & an exact strategy to create a million dollar business on line. The coaches & service providers that are ready to sell BIG ticket (10-100k per transaction) PLUS a Mastermind that others want to join.


Irresistible Masterminds That Sell

Collapse TIME and create your 6-7 Figure Business FAST. Quantum Leap your Mastermind with a proven Organic Sales System combined with the right (copy) words, this will enable you to sell your work. This is HOW to Pre-Sell Proven Work. [Includes ‘How’ to create Your Course/Mastermind too]

The Low to High Ticket System is for beginners to 6-7 Figure Coaches who want the development of a brand and business that grows into a Legacy. Timeless Masterminds help you develop your Product Suite and the training is designed for small to medium sized coaching businesses. Our goal is to take your journey to the next level.
  • Masterminds 90% 90%
  • Lead Generation 90% 90%
  • Micro-Workshops 88% 88%
  • Brand Development 87% 87%
  • Done For You Funnels 85% 85%

VIP Retreat Days

“Where can you go VIP and turn a business event or day into a luxury break where you take 2-7 days and turn UP your capacity to receive? In person VIP Retreat Days are anything form an UPLEVEL to a complete Business Development Day. My clients LOVE it! I’ve done them in the US (New Orleans & New York) and of course, Sydney Australia. If you’d like to STOP the flight or fight game and become a better leader,  my in person Sydney day goes for around 6-7 hours. It’s a luxury event for your SOUL. I’m thinking of offering a couple in the coming of months. (DM me on FB if Sydney is on your bucket list)