Would you like to create amazing offers, programs and services but you are afraid your work is NOT good enough?

Are you hesitant: Is your energy come from a place of lack?

Do you want to be a good mom, entrepreneur, coach but one of two things keep coming up: You feel inadequate (at life, Moms) OR, you are an entrepreneur and the whole online thing has left you feeling lost and overwhelmed? 

Are your thoughts clear or confusing? (Do you have a thousand ideas and you keep throwing out different ideas OR offers that don’t sell?)

Would you like to have MORE, be MORE but you have no idea where to start?

Are you procrastinating? Coaches, are you putting out offers ? (It’s time to be honest)

Entrepreneurs, do you believe your work is ‘good enough’ to sell for the price you are charging?

Or, is it that your life has been turned upside down and you have no idea how to get it back on track?


The feeling of ‘sleazy’ or ‘unworthy’ keeps rearing it’s ugly head. And if you are finally being honest, you’ve avoided creating your program because it feels like you are always thinking that YOU are not good enough? A successful business needs you to FEEL authentic, after all how can you train your team correctly of you are not feeling it, right?

7 Figure Course Journal is THE Creative approach for Visionaries to say hello to their iconic freedom filled life, business and NEW vibe. 

BONUS: Unlock your highest Values to create your BRAND NEW Program. Here’s to a new energy that attracts a premium life and business

No Thanks. I’ve got my 5-6 Figure Program.

Creating deep work is the commitment you made to yourself to help women change their lives.

The vessel that you are holding open for your clients, needs to be filled.

So that you can create the impact in the world, you told yourself you would.

There is nothing to be ashamed of. Being paid for our products, services and programs is an honor.

BECOMING a Soul FULL Creative needs to be UNLOCKED.

With guidance, you can finally get the compensation you deserve.

Once you let go of the control. Once you stop using force.

Using force in itself is negative and has repercussions on our soul work.

It’s probably left you feeling conflicted and confused about exactly WHAT you should be creating.

It’s probably been emotionally exhausting.

Lets clear up a couple of things that are not the problem:

There’s NOTHING wrong with you.

You do NOT need to be fixed, healed or subjected to bad tactics.

You need to unlock what’s been stopping you moving forward. And, I’m giving you the way forward today.

Hi I’m Cat Morrissey. It’s a honor to be here.

I’ve sold millions of dollars in property and my offline businesses in a 30 year career as an entrepreneur. I’ve shown my students how to do the same and yet, 

I do not feel like a sales person or a mindset coach.

I’ve been called a Business Healer but, the title does not matter.

What matters is… when women come to me, everything changes. Their entire business and life.

I do LOVE that my work can change a women’s life

Especially if she wants to:

Understand why she’s is not creating the impact she thought she would.

Working hard but not seeing the patterns that have kept her on a ‘loop’.

Wonders why she wants MORE.

And she wants to do this effortlessly.

Re-align her inner control freak that’s kept her stagnant.

And she wants to uncover her true talent to help others.

She wants to manifest easily.

And, do this in as short a time as possible

But she can’t seem to get consistent.

Or, her energy in alignment. This is ripe for CHANGE.

You can have zero followers and make a sale within days when you align with the energy of a new blueprint.

It starts with levelling up. Wasting time scrolling or downloading freebies, taking minimal action, repeating the same patterns.

YOU are meant to make an Impact.

Using your inner guidance, you can finally get the compensation you deserve.

Let the fearful, guilt ridden you disappear.

And, learn how to change negative thoughts by re-programming then….

NO MORE emotionally exhausting, work.. You’re Free to be Iconic.

“I now understand why an artist needs a muse, a business person needs a mentor, men and women need to feel worthy of something… I’ve been lost for so long, out of control looking for inspiration and guidance, the cold hard facts to shake me and get me out of this never-ending hole of self-doubt I keep shovelling away at.”


As a single Mum of 2 boys, I needed to find a way out of my 9-5 job so that I could find a better way to raise my boys. I found the support, motivation and the exact template to make that happen while working with Cat. And the great thing is, I can do this over and over again. Thank you!”


Cat is not only very knowledgeable and great at teaching but also displays the behavior, attitude to business and life that you seek in a great mentor. I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with her, she has become a dear friend to me ” ($200k in 12 months, from ZERO)


After working with hundreds of women and helping them with their businesses, the common theme is a discrepancy in their thoughts matching up with the programs they desire to create. Their message is not strong enough to move someone into working with them.

And, that’s when fear and doubt sets in!



In this audio and over the next 3, we are going to pull apart your basic beliefs that have been running the show. A basic belief isn’t about how you drive home. It’s about your confidence, your ability to make money, your ability to show up in business. Honestly, I could talk about this all day long and most of us have these beliefs that we’re not even aware. Your subconscious, the part of you that that has these habits installed is what’s responsible for your beliefs and your behaviors. That’s how you drive home without being aware of it. That’s how you tie your shoes and brush your teeth without having to think about it with your conscious mind every step. Your subconscious does these things based on what your conscience tells you to do. Your going to LOVE this!




In this audio, we’ll be talking about elevating your money blueprint – rapidly. The first audio is the most intense and each person has their own level of intensity and, how you handle it. That’s cool, because you are now finding out where your ‘stopping point is’. Some of you will breeze through this and other’s will take more time. That’s okay. THIS is your life, and to create the business you desire, digging into the deep work is exactly what changes your energy. Do the work and you’ll get the results. Why is it so hard to believe in ourselves? Today you will discover that.




Today we are going to QUANTUM LEAP into your next level. Your next level of wealth, happiness and fulfillment. Unlocking your core beliefs and then changing them into your new paradigm. It doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to take a long time, right? As you absorb this material, you allow the new energy into your system.  You will have those the most breakthroughs when you allow it. So we’re going to dive into increasing your capacity to receive and to surrender which is the most difficult part. Trust yourself to handle it all and take the appropriate action.




This is for every control freak that has stayed in the learning phase but remained stagnant. Control limits your abundance. Control limits ease, flow and success. Control basically limits all the good stuff, and control freaks for a variety of reasons learn to be in control due to experiences that happened many moons ago where they were out of control. Or the world around them was out of control. They learned the mechanism to deal with what was happening, was ‘just handle it themselves’. Problem is, it gets in the way of everything that we want. I give you the lesson as the one that I struggled the most with. Mastering this ladies, changes everything. See you on the inside. xo


30 Days of Journal Prompts to Guide you through your inner work. These prompts are questions to ask yourself so that you get clear on your next steps. Soul Selling questions help you unleash your true identity and then creating the strategy that finds you your ideal clients, programs and values that will help you become confident in your selling. Becoming ‘natural’ and one with your desires is the key to selling from your soul.

My interview with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. Bob is a leader in personal development and he shares his story of going from broke to a millionaire. How he created the brand and the message he has taught for over 50 years.

Mediation, I AM. The most powerful meditation to help you unleash your desires. When your mind is calm, it’s even easier to  create the business and sales you’ve dreamed of. Being in flow helps you keep grounded

PDF Course Creator example. This is usually reserved for my private clients but as a special BONUS for saying YES today – it’s yours for FREE.

Just ADDED!! An additional TWO audios to make this even sweeter! I’m not sharing the dets – there’s some things a girl MUST keep a little mystical. The one thing I am sure of is – YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!!

 Lock in this ONE-TIME Special Offer

Take $800 OFF Today ONLY.


“Working with Cat has been nothing short of mind blowing! When I look back at where I was in creating my business before I started working with Cat, I would never have believed I would have achieved so much in such a short time…but I have, and it feels AMAZING! To have complete clarity on my product and business is just phenomenal! I honestly think if I had tried on my own to achieve all I have with Cat in 8 weeks, I would probably have never have even covered everything in 6 months (and I’m not exaggerating). Cat just knew when I was making excuses and needed a good kick up the backside. She also understood when I was trying my hardest and felt like I was getting nowhere, so stepped in and asked the right questions and guided me to where I needed to get to. I have grown in to the true mindset of an entrepreneur now, and I have Cat to thank for helping me realise my potential!”

“From the very first phone call with Cat I knew I had to work with her. She saw the real me, the limitless me, the me that thinks beyond what many other coaches can see. She pushes you to go deeper, to find a solution and not just something that ‘worked for her’, but something that will actually work for me and my uniqueness. I had so many ‘ah ha’ moments in our time working together, and even following our final session I still feel very supported by Cat. Together we have created some real magic and I know I can continue to return to our work together to keep on growing and striving toward the next success. Thank you so much for everything Cat, you’ve been a huge help on this journey” UPDATE: First $25k month!!

“Anyone that’s ever had any noteworthy achievements in their life has drawn from the knowledge and inspiration of those operating at a higher level than themselves. Mentors like Cat are here to fast track your growth and fast track your success.”

“I felt really lost before finding Cat through an associate. I had no idea where to start or what to focus on before I joined your program. This is the blueprint I’ve been looking for. I love that we are designing it especially for me based on my expertise. You are the most understanding and intuitive mentor who has been there for me. Your results speak for themselves and the skills I’m learning is amazing. Thank you so much!”

“I now understand why an artist needs a muse, a business person needs a mentor, men and women need to feel worthy of something… I’ve been lost for so long, out of control looking for inspiration and guidance, the cold hard facts to shake me and get me out of this never-ending hole of self-doubt I keep shovelling away at.”


“Cat’s mentor ship and profound knowledge has been an incredible blessing to my eager ears. Anyone who is ready to raise their standards, Cat will be able to meet you there. To find an incredible mentor is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Someone who can see your ability more than you even knew was possible. Someone who makes you realise how much you didn’t know. She tapped into my talent and gave me a grand vision of what’s possible. Someone who will save you both time and money that mistakes would cost. Every great achiever has been inspired by an incredible mentor and therefore one of the most important business decisions you will make. It’s been so game-changing to work with someone who gives me clarity, assistance, a ear to listen and guide & saved me so much time over analyzing & crossing my fingers ‘hoping’ my actions were precise”.

“I phoned Cat when I saw a Facebook Ad that could improve my sales funnel for my home, and something that was repeatable. Guess what? After working with Cat, I was able to find $13k instantly on my home which sold immediately! I also gained the skills to repeat this and add an extra ‘leg’ to our family business! Her strategies work!

“Cat has given me the confidence to build a portfolio that is affordable and maintainable. Cat’s enthusiasm is motivating and encouraging. Her experience and expertise are evident in her work.”

“Due to this course and the sincere mentoring of Cat Morrissey, Paul and I are on our way to making a 6 figure profit on our property. We have renovated many times before and knew we were a good team and created great homes, but we would both get carried away with changing everything – maybe we’d watched too many reno shows!! Cat has taught us to plan, budget and focus on what will make a difference and most of all save money! ‘Minimum spend, maximum impact’ is our new moto thanks to Cat, and it’s working.

“The key element to our success was we were prepared to do what Cat advised, put our egos aside, and get on with it. The result was a $110k increase in value for an outlay of $30k, and we achieved the timeframe and the financial opportunity.”

Your Business should Look like Anything you want it to be!

Hey, I’m Cat, and I help women & men create and sell courses on topics they are passionate about. Using their expertise and knowledge and are willing to go all in, creating an income that can be passive or active – you get to choose.

In Australia I’m known for my property expertise and making more money on property than the gurus. It was not hard to bring those strategies to online business – and help others. Selling with high value works in any industry.

I love helping entrepreneurs who want to quit the rat race, and succeed with proven strategies. Taking big numbers and making them small, taking ordinary thinking and creating the extraordinary and most of all, creating a business that’s mission is to change the world with vision while impacting millions worldwide.

Stand for what you believe in and do it your way. It’s a great honor to be an educator. If that’s your mission too, I’d love for you to join me and see what we can do together.

FAQ's Who is this for?

Is this only for entrepreneurs?

No. This is for anyone who wants to create new thinking and unlock a program in a creative way. We’ll discuss what blocks money and how to improve their skills. Learn how money is a resource that is infinite and it is not restricted. It is not limited to a job/career – or by a job/career/business. Learning to receive more money may create changes in your job or your partner’s job or in some cases, it can influence the family’s ability to bring into existence more abundance in the form of houses and other items of wealth. There is no question, it will create changes in your life.

Women and men from all walks of life have worked with Cat. They have included teachers, pharmacists, farmers, psychologists, engineers, stay at home Mums and those that want to create a new career. They have received more money in their property,  pay rises, new houses, and new thinking. By discovering and receiving unexpected money out of the blue. The transformations have been incredible. Journalling changes lives.

I'm busy. Can I do this at my leisure?

What if I don’t have time to take the program now?

It is up to you when you start the delivery is yours forever. You have this content forever. And you can take it at your own pace. Most students go through it more than once.

How is this different from your other programs?

I absolutely pore every fibre of my being into creating unique products, services and programs for my students. Whilst the principles of transformation is the same, its never the same for different topics. One of the things that works is my intuitiveness and ability to show my clients through my programs lessons that move them to take actions that they may not have with a different program. As well in different trainings I am able to download both strategy and systems that match topics in unique ways. No two programs are the same.


Can you guarantee my results?

The short answer is no. It’s a shame that this industry has set up people to believe that other peoples results will reflect on them. I love this program and fully believe in the foundations I teach and the work I help others with. My testimonials are from real live people who signed up, did the work, changed their thinking and developed a better relationship with their work, business and life. Those people got extraordinary results. There’s no guarantee you will do what it takes and so, I can not guarantee what will be your story. These testimonials are from people that did not give up and so, they may not be typical.

Do you give refunds?

By enrolling in this program, you agree to our Standard Terms and Conditions.

If you are purchasing this today, I would encourage you to do this with intention that you want to create massive change in your life and business. Do this for you. Do this for those you are here to help. Do this to fulfill purpose.

Although our policy is no refunds on digital products. I encourage you to decide now that you will make this work for you. If you are struggling with the program, email us at: visionary@iconicandfree.com and we’ll point you in the right direction. You may need more. That’s cool. It just means you really need this to fulfill your destiny.

Disclaimer:  I don’t guarantee results or any increase in your financial status. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all that join this program.

More Q's?
Email: visionary@iconicandfree.com and we’ll get you more help.

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