There’s three stages that Quantum Leap consult/coaching businesses. The revolutionary ‘PROFIT FIRST’ method, turns ordinary coaching businesses into scalable million dollar businesses. And, if you don’t like being on camera, this training will be perfect for you.

PS. This framework  kickstarted my online business. Since then, I’ve redefined the method so that it can work for ALL consultants, coaches and spiritual healers who have knowledge and skills. If you are over 40 and freedom is high on your list, you’ll love this training, Cat.

“Hi, I’m Cat.

I left my JOB over 25 years ago to create my first lifestyle business. My hobby became my career after my 3rd child was born. Truth is, I simply couldn’t afford to stay in my leadership sales and marketing role. The cost of childcare and the loss of time with my children was too much for me.

Back then, there was no support and no communities of coaches and mentors. So, there was a lot of heartache, lost sleep and learning to become really good at business AND a mother.

There has been a failure or two. And at times, it seemed like every member of my family felt the need to either critique my efforts or reward them when I stayed where they wanted me to stay.

Time passed, and I found myself bringing up my girls on my own. 

Little did I know that I would take many wrong roads before I  healed from my divorce.  

Fast forward a few years and I discovered my mentor, Bob Proctor and a new journey began. One thing I discovered was, regardless of what I thought, you can not separate yourself from your business and  your personal growth and development as an individual.

We are ONE consciousness and to try to separate from that, the lines will become blurred. 

If you’ve struggled with this, just know that business will no longer be just ‘business’. You’re awakening to a NEW untravelled journey and yes, the road will be rocky sometimes.

With the help of 1-1 mentors like Bob Proctor I grew and evolved. These days, my big heart doesn’t want anyone to fail or to feel like their dreams are too big and, I had really to learn this, before I could help others to create BIG work.

Even though I’ve sold millions of dollars in property and sales, and it’s been 10 years of consulting, this ‘baby’ is just beginning. I share that because IF you have a big heart, feel you are too old, too young or don’t have enough experience right now, you CAN grow and it CAN be very quickly. In fact in days with working with women now, their prospective changes sometimes within hours. This WILL be your new reality too. Join me in the expansion” 

Much love

Cat. xo

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The 3 x Strategies That Will Bring in High Intent Clients, 100% in Integrity With Your Work.

Our systems are warming up and ready to SEND you the Masterclass of the year!...

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Our systems are warming up and ready to SEND you the Masterclass of the year!...